Mirror of the Mind – manifestation technique

Meditative Hypnosis guided meditation for manifesting your dreams. Tool for creating your future and bringing into reality what you wish for. Based on the Law of Attraction. Visualization technique: Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed or interrupted for 10 minutes. Play the video and let your mind be free.

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  • 001crystal001

    this may also be called the mirror of the mind technique, but the one adstewartadstewart is talking about is one provided by the silva method, but it’s a little different then what adstewartadstewart was describing. You picture a mirror with what you want to change in front of you with a blue frame, then you erase it, move the frame to the left and put a white frame on it and picture the outcome you want in the white, not the way adstewartadstewart described it

  • DunkleMaterie117

    Sounded cool as hell. :D
    Nice way. Im imaging this all the time anyway but I think I will do this too. =)

  • healurself

    Express cleaning and relaxation, all in one.
    A few spiritual intensions aren’t boaring, are they? Mechanisms of hypnosis here, are constructive blessed.
    God expect you not to fear your inner source of grace and merci. Instant healings are gifts you may expect, while being your own temple for the light which cares 4 u. Thunderbow is as fast as a shower. There is a need to appreciate the effort of helping each other, but do not forget the matter of prayers. They enlight the ready ones personally

  • crystala121

    That was absolutely amazing!!! i plan to do this on a daily basis! LOVE IT!!! Thanks Thunderbow!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! :-)

  • homeworkpictures

    I want to manifest that this is nonsense.
    Hey!! It worked!!

  • muslima671

    That was amazing:)! Thank you so much ThunderBow…This meditation was absolutely amazing…MY body was knotted in so many ways I really didn’t expect to feel so relaxed and at peace so quickly… picturing what I would like manifested in my life was so realistic I feel like its mine already…I will do this meditation more often from now on…thank you!

  • batuzayaga

    Thank you so much. It is amazing !!

  • googojuice

    This is an amazing meditation!

  • ValyTraveler

    That was INCREDIBLE!!! that did not feel like 10 min… So fast feeling so refreshed…Thank You…

  • broLAXgoalie12

    that felt like maybe 1-2 minutes but when i opened my eyes ten minutes had gone by. This is wonderfully relaxing, and I hope my vision of winning a state ring comes true. Better yet, I will make it true.

  • kharmablue1

    I love, love, LOVE this meditation! Thank you so much for your soothing voice Thunderbow. It enabled me to create some beautiful imagery. Blessed be!

  • thunderbow

    @althearose81 What a blessing! Thank you for sharing your vision with us. Good luck in your great new job!

  • GDIMakeMoneyFast

    I’ve used attraction and visualisation and found this great program, it’s litteraly changed my life and it might do the same for you!, check my chnnl for more info.

  • althearose81

    wonderful, i was sitting under a weeping willow…looking at my self in a beautiful antique type mirror…i saw myself in a wonderful job, a beautiful cheerful home, but the love and joy i felt brought me to tears….thank you

  • def037

    @thunderbow only up

  • truthofitallblog

    it’ll work

  • thunderbow

    That sounds like a wonderful technique…
    This is the Mirror of the Mind technique as I was taught it, so it is for me the Mirror of the Mind technique.

    There are many paths to the mountain top…. which one will you choose?

    Peace, Love, Light, and Truth!


  • CORNP00

    what is the mind’s mirrors?

  • adstewartadstewart

    This is not the mirror of the mind technique by the way.The mirror of the mind technique consists of 2 mirrors each with an image a bright one with what you would like to change and a small foggy one with the final results and having that wish come to life than you swish it and make the reality be smaller foggy push it to the left and bring the final outcome to the right and make it bigger brighter put colors in it.

  • aethir86

    thank you, I loved it… very pleasant technique, too.
    Silva stuff is very cool, of course

    I think you’re really good at guided meditations :) – like I said, I really enjoyed it
    mmmh :) :) feeling really relaxed and happy

  • atillawith

    @supersonic060 You don’t have to use manifestation meditations for material objects. In fact they were originally created by the yogis to manifest spiritual goals such as states of samadhi and enlightenment. Also for phsyical health too. You can’t reach enlightenment if your sick all the time. You can also just use it put put in a good mood. The benefits don’t have to be material. It can also be used for your physical, mental and spiritual well being too.

  • ReptiliansAmongUs

    thank you, truly.

    Light, Peace, Love.

  • toonyloons2006

    Am very new to meditating, i think i saw this image or something like it while i was meditating, i felt like the where things or some presence moving around, but i just could not see them, that image or something like it was the only thing i saw but it went away is seconds

  • sirasy

    it sounds like the instructions on the plane!!!

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